What we do

At Krafterrz, we offer customized modules for development of various soft skills.

We develop & deliver customized Leadership Development Programs and offer professional support to executives through a team of qualified and experienced coaches.

We provide consultancy & support for designing Marketing Campaigns including promotional tools such as VA, LBLs, Product Monographs and Medical/Scientific content for print or CME programs.

We also provide holistic awareness on various risk factors & lifestyle management to help professionals lead a healthier life.

We have collaborated with an established recruitment firm, with the aim of facilitating talented professionals, getting the desired opportunities, in pharmaceutical companies of repute.


Proprietor: Sunil M. Bajaj
Work Experience:

  • Dedicated & Committed professional with 3 decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry (since 7th July 1984).
  • Worked in Sales as a Professional Service Representative (Kolkata & Mumbai), Field Sales Officer (Mumbai), Area Manager (Mumbai), Regional Manager (TamilNadu Mumbai), Divisional Sales Manager (Mumbai & Gujarat).
  • Worked in Marketing (Domestic & International); was the head of The All-India Scientific Team (S-Team) of 50+ Scientific Business Officers & Managers from April 200 – March 2003. Later, worked as the Marketing Head & Training Support for various International Markets (South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe).
  • Also worked as a Project Manager in the New Product Development at Dr. Reddy’s from 2003 for a couple of years.
  • Had been a contributing member of the eNable (Sales – Training) team for the field force of Dr. Reddy’s India Sales Team (Frontline, First line & Second line Managers) since April 2007.
  • During my stint as a Team Lead at eNable, I was selected for developing the Training & Certification program for the Supply Chain Teams across all businesses of Dr. Reddy’s vide the project called PACE. Developed the entire 3-tier program, and built a team of trainers for each of the specific modules, before handing over the same to the Corporate L&D for its smooth conduction thereafter.

Core Competencies
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Business Acumen
  • Communication & Influential Skills
  • Technology Literacy
  • Knowledge Management
  • Training Need Identification
  • Content Designing & Development
  • Training Delivery
  • Coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Prudence
  • Courage to take calculated risks
Recognitions & Achievements
  • Had been a consistent achiever of sales targets with focus on people development, so much so, that there was zero attrition in my team, for a significant time, at a place as competitive as Mumbai. Personnel reporting to me also kept growing in their career, with every career advancement of mine.
  • Was declared as the best Divisional Sales Manager for the fiscal 1999-2000.
  • Have excelled in every role thereafter too, be it Marketing, Project Management or Training.
  • Have been appreciated for enabling learning orientation while maintaining focus on quality.
  • Was a contributing member of the eNable – Sales Training team which was shortlisted for Achievers’ Road Show Celebrations 2013 for the nomination titled “eNabling On-Demand Learning, Empowering Field Sales Manager.”
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